CBD Hashish: Vaped or Smoked, It’s Still Perfect!

CBD hash is becoming quite a popular choice among hemp enthusiasts. While this product may seem like a new addition to the CBD market, the reality is that hash has been enjoyed all around the world for centuries.

What is CBD Hash?

CBD hash, also known as hemp hash, it a concentrated hemp product derived from the resin of the female hemp plant. It consists of the sticky trichomes that coat the buds of the plant material, which have been concentrated in a way that makes it easy for the product to be smoked or vaporized. The trichomes of the hemp plant contain the same chemical compounds found directly in the buds. However, they’re present in higher concentrations, which makes them far more potent. These trichomes, when removed from the plant and consolidated, produce resin.

Therefore, the main appeal of CBD hash is its high potency. Other types of concentrates, such as wax, shatter and rosin, are produced using manmade methods, and usually require the use of a solvent to reach the desired consistency. Hash is natural and is inherently solvent-free. No wonder it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a very pure concentrate.

How Does CBD Hash Compare to CBD Flower?

CBD hash shares a lot in common with CBD flower. Both types are naturally occurring in hemp, meaning that they are extremely pure. They are, in essence, two different parts of the hemp plant. And yet, they share the same chemical compounds, only in different potency levels.

The consistency is quite different between the two. CBD flower is extremely easy to work with, because the flower buds can be broken up or ground up effortlessly. CBD hash is different. Because it’s sticky, it can be messier to use. But, because of its striking potency, the process is completely worth it.
Note that CBD hash, like CBD flower, is incapable of getting you high. Just because the compounds in hash are more potent doesn’t mean that they are psychoactive.

Also, CBD hash is naturally a full spectrum product. This means that it contains the full variety of compounds that naturally exist in hemp. This includes CBD, CBG, CBN and other desirable cannabinoids, along with a plethora of terpenes and flavonoids which boast a variety of properties.

How CBD Hash is Made

The resin glands of the hemp plant are referred to as trichomes, and they are sticky crystals that coat the flowers. You can see them on the plant material, as they produce a coating that’s usually a creamy white color. To make hash, these trichomes are isolated from the flower, which can be quite a tedious process. Then they are compressed in some manner so that the pressure used creates a brick of hash.

A popular method for making hash involves the collection of kief. Kief is a dust that one would find at the bottom of their bag or jar of herb. It’s the result of the trichomes naturally falling off of the plant material as the buds cure. The keif is pressed or squeezed in some manner, which results in pure hash.

How to Use CBD Hash

CBD hash is most commonly smoked or vaporized. The process for either is just like what you would do with CBD flower. The hash is inserted into the bowl of a pipe or a vaporizer and heated so that the resulting vapor or smoke is rich in the desirable compounds, and is inhaled into the lungs for fast-acting effects. Note that you can cook with CBD hash using the same type of method that you would use if you were making standard hemp edibles.

Various Strains for Various Effects

Like CBD flower, CBD hash comes in a variety of strains based on the plant(s) from which the hash was derived. This means that if you already prefer a certain strain of cannabis, you can experience it in the form of hash. All of the strains that we have available have less than the legal limit of THC, which is 0.3%, and is basically the amount that naturally occurs in the hemp plant. Note that if you plan to purchase hash, you need to make sure that you also have some papers, a pipe or a dry herb vaporizer made to handle this type of product.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our variety of CBD hash products today!

What is CBD Hash?

CBD hash is the resin material that comes from the hemp plant. It’s highly concentrated, and it’s a dark, thick substance.

Where Does CBD Hash Come from?

The hemp plant naturally produces a resin that is secreted from the flowers, leaves, stems and other portions of the plant. It’s collected and turned into a consolidated product.

Is CBD Hash the same as Marijuana Hash?

CBD hash and marijuana hash are two different products, as CBD hash comes from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant.

Is CBD Hash Legal?

CBD hash is legal because it does not come from the marijuana plant.

How is CBD Hash Consumed?

Most often, CBD hash is smoked. It can also be vaped using special vaping devices or used as edibles.

Can CBD Hash Be Used for Cooking Purposes?

CBD hash can definitely be used for culinary purposes. We suggest finding some recipes to create your own CBD hash dishes.

What Does CBD Hash Taste Like?

CBD hash tastes and smells like the purest part of hemp plant. It has a sweet taste.

Is CBD Hash the Same as CBD Flower?

CBD hash and CBD flower are two different products. CBD hash comes from the sticky hemp resin, while the flower is simply the flower that grows on the plant.

Does CBD Hash Contain Other Plant Compounds?

CBD hash naturally contains all of the plant compounds found in hemp, although these additional compounds can be extracted after the resin has been collected.

Does CBD Hash Require Special Handling Instructions?

CBD hash should be handled with gloves as it can temporarily stain the fingers.

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